About Rosslyn Pallets and Crates

Our primary focus is the manufacturing of

  • wooden pallets,
  • wooden boxes,
  • wooden crates,
  • wooden racking and shelving,
  • and the supply wet of saw and dry timber.

Rosslyn Pallets and Crates started operation after a buy-out of another pallet and crate manufacturer in September 2012.  The primary focus of Rosslyn Pallets and Crates is the manufacturing of custom designed wooden pallets, wooden boxes and wooden crates according to client specification and requirement.  All our products are manufactured from wood obtained from commercial plantations and re-cycled wood. 

All of our wooden products can be designed and manufactured according to your requirement and specification, including requirements for export pallets and crates by means of either heat treatment or fumigation. 

We manufacture wooden pallets and crates for the local and export markets.  Export pallets and crates are manufactured in compliance to ISPM-15 requirements.  This includes both Heat Treatment (HT) and Methyl Bromide (MB) treatment.

Any of our products can be customised to your specific requirement.  Send us the dimensions and sizes required for a free quotation. 


We pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship and strive to provide excellent customer service.  

Please contact us for a quotation.

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